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Monkey Water Balloon Toss is a 2-player co-op game where you play as two monkeys challenging themselves to toss a steadily increasing number of water balloons back and forth to each other for as long as they can! Catching a balloon after the other player throws it earns you a point, but if even one water balloon hits the ground, it's game over! So grab a friend and toss water balloons back and forth as many times as you can in this frantic fun skill game!


  • Player 1 (WASD Keys)
    • A,D                                        -move left/right
    • W                                           -jump
    • W (holding balloon)   -toss balloon (hold for extra power)
  • Player 2 (Arrow Keys)
    • Left,Right                          -move left/right
    • Up                                          -jump
    • Up (holding balloon)  -toss balloon (hold for extra power)

This game was developed in 3 hours* for Trijam #133! The theme is "Don't drop it!" Because of the limited amount of time, there is no partner monkey AI, so having a second player is pretty doggone necessary to play this game. Perhaps these monkeys will see some updates in the near future! Maybe a single player mode, 4-players, a versus/battle mode, or even online multiplayer if I'm feeling ambitious! Who knows?? Let me know what you think!

*From the time I opened GameMaker Studio to the point of having the fully functioning game is what took almost 3 hours exactly. Before those 3 hours, I spent hours planning, writing some pseudocode, downloading sound effects and music, and creating the monkey sprites and beach background. After the 3 hours of development, I added the start screen and game over screen and also added the music and sound effects. I also did some final touch ups. By most others' criteria, I'd say I spent more like 5 to 6 hours developing the game. I hope to try another Trijam to actually only spend 3 hours developing.


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