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I made this game back in 2017 during my senior year of high school as an independent study. I followed HeartBeast's "Make an RPG in GameMaker" beginner tutorial to make the game. It's a top down adventure game full of references to some teachers and classmates from my high school, so the game has a pretty limited audience.

I used and downloaded a lot of sounds from other video games (mainly Zelda) and also royalty free sounds, but I made my own music using a software called LMMS, and used minimal, if any, drag'n'drop features, because I believe that's what HeartBeast advised.

The game is called "Title" because I was running out of time at the end of the school year and never could come up with a name for the game, so it remained "Title".


TITLE.zip 65 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract folder contents, and then run the application file named "OPEN THIS 2 PLAY".

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