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A mini farming sim that lasts just 5 days, much like the game jam it was made for. You are tasked with preparing a small town's Thanksgiving feast by Thursday. Plant and water crops and combine different ingredients in the kitchen to make different delicious dishes out of a total of 45 unique dishes!

--CONTROLS-- (for version 1.4)

  • ARROW KEYS -movement
  • Z -interact
  • X -action
  • SHIFT or "<" -move left through inventory
  • C or ">" -move right through inventory
  • SPACE (hold) -enter inventory mode (view item names and change selected item with arrow keys)
  • ENTER -pause

The file without a version number at the end was the one uploaded for the jam.  Version 1.1 has some small bug fixes, and I had it done before the submission time of the jam, but couldn't upload it in time. The other file is the latest version that has more major bug fixes.


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A_Thanksgiving_Game.zip 128 MB
A_Thanksgiving_Game_v1.1.zip 128 MB
A_Thanksgiving_Game_v1.4.zip 128 MB


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Hope you dont mind but I played this game for my 3 Thanksgiving video.I love the concept of this game but time just went soooo quickly lol Its fun though for being made in only 5 days! Great job!  Your game is third and starts at 5:50 


I don't mind at all, I really appreciate it! I have NO IDEA why the time was going by so quickly in your game, though. It is NOT supposed to go by nearly that fast. It is supposed to be a relaxing game. I'm sorry you weren't able to experience the game the way it was meant to be.

Despite that weird glitch, I really enjoyed the video. You reading the comments about the feast at the end cracked me up 😂

Thanks again for playing my game!


Also, I believe you downloaded the original version of the game. Since the initial version released, I've fixed some bugs like the sound it makes when you hoe the ground. The time going CRAZY FAST like it did for you was never a glitch though so I have no idea what that was about.

I hope you are able to play the newest version of the game sometime and hopefully NOT have the weird time glitch!


Just tested it... Turns out the time going crazy fast WAS a glitch in the original version. I guess I forgot about that. I did make this a year ago. If you play the newest version (v1.4), the time will go by at a much more reasonable speed.

Honestly I should take those old versions down, but I leave them up since they are the versions that were completed in the one week time limit.

Thank you again for even playing my game at all, and including it in your video! Best of luck to you and your channel!

lol I am sorry I played the old version Im glad you enjoyed my gameplay though !!  .. I figured you made the game for the hard core speed runners lol  I do really enjoy games like this and will be checking out the newest version !